Saturday, 23 August 2008

Loreena McKennitt

Loreena McKennitt has one of the most beautiful voices that I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. Loreena is a Canadian singer and composer who has been recording wonderful music for over twenty years. I have to ask myself ,why have I just discovered her? I have read that she began her music career by selling her recordings by mail order,working from her kitchen table. She went on to produce her own concert tours and still is self-managed and head of her own successful record label. She has gold,platinum and multi-platinum awards in fifteen countries. I so hope you enjoy her "celtic style" of music as much as I do .

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

If I could turn back the hands of time

When I deleted my last blogs I made the decision that if I ever blogged again the blog would be an intellectual one. I would post great blogs that would start discussion about all manner of things. I would discuss politics, share dealings,ISA's and market reports. I would talk about the Societal Role of Intellects. I would compose great blogs with topics relating to Philosophy and Economics.
I would use words only ever heard on "call my bluff". If I did that would I need to give you three meanings of very word? Would you be so fed up reading the dictionary you would have no time to blog yourself.
Why have I reverted to type? Because I love music,I love books, I love to chat about everything and I would need to buy a new dictionary.
I do love the words of this song. This one is for Welchcakes.

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Conway Twitty

I am a child of the sixties. It was a most wonderful time to be a teenager. Every Saturday evening I danced in our local Town Hall. I jived, I twisted , I did the hucklebuck and of course I smooched. I was very particular who I smooched with however. Looks did matter;I know very shallow, but how could you slow dance with someone you did not find attractive? I confess I was a little madam and that I did refuse to dance with anyone I didn't like the look of(unless he was a great dancer and then all the girls were hoping that he would take that long walk across the dance floor and ask that very important question,"do you want to dance."
They were very innocent days,no alcohol was available in the dance hall. If you really liked someone you were hoping that he would ask if you would like to go for a mineral. They sold soft drinks at the back of the hall and usually if things reached this stage it was assumed the next question would be "can I walk you home".
How things have changed;on a Friday evening the dance ended at two o'clock and I needed to be indoors by two thirty. If I was late my Mother always seemed to be awake, there was no way I could slip in without her knowing.
My father was very protective of his three daughters and there was always someone around to keep him informed as to who walked home with us. He did indeed ask the local policeman to "keep an eye out for us" I many nights tied to slip past him but he seemed to have 'eyes on the back of his head' and Father always knew exactly who I walked home with.
The 'Town Hall has been extensively renovated since those days but recently I did go into that hall. It is a little bigger than it was originally. The stage has been rebuilt on a different side but I could almost hear the dance band and imagine myself in the middle of that floor, 'twisting the night away.'