Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Conway Twitty - Hello Darlin

I cannot quite believe it is so long since I added to this blog. I was listening to this fantastic recording this AM and needed to share.
Since I last blogged life continues in much the same way;I still read my favourite blogs but only very occasionally comment. Does this mean I am a lurker;I think so.
I do regret deleting my original blog;there goes my impulsive nature. Yes, I act and then I think. I am an all or nothing person. One week my time is consumed by my need to make new jewellery the next to finish off that cross stitch that has been lying around for so long.
At the moment it is sewing. Of course many items at one time are lying beside my sewing machine. Curtain and Roman blinds for one daughter. A skirt and blouse for the other. For me,where do I begin. I have just finish a wool tweed suit that has a very fifties look about it. It has a swing jacket (very cape like) a deep inverted pleat at the back topped by a bow. The dress is a typical sheath with a bottom slit. I have some lovely black cashmere fabric to make some trousers and beautiful grey silk charmeuse to make a fly suit. Busy. For Christmas my husband bought me a Kindle which I absolutely love;so much easier to read in bed but also so easy to press buy on the screen and seconds later I realise that I have bought yet another book. Impulsive again.

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